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Home Pest Control In Rochester, NY

Residential Pest Control Services In Rochester, NY

It's no secret that Rochester has one of the most serious pest problems in America. Not only is it listed in the top 50 most rodent-infested cities in the U.S., but there are millions of other pests lingering closely behind. These creatures prevent homeowners from living the life they love and enjoying everything their property has to offer. In other words, they should never be allowed in or around your home.

Whether you're worried about a potential infestation or you're just thinking ahead, choose to settle for nothing less than the best. At Precision Pest Management, we specialize in affordable, fast-acting residential pest control for the Rochester, NY area. We are proud to deliver authentic Integration Pest Management methods for every one of our services that protect homeowners in a whole new way.

Home Pest Control Service

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Precision Pest Management offers two different types of residential programs: Seasonal (May, July, and September visits) or Quarterly (four times a year). Our Quarterly service specifically includes rodent control, working to stop infestations before they begin to propagate.

We always begin our customer and client relationships by actively listening to their concerns. What they've noticed, and where? Our technicians will ask additional questions to help narrow down the search area before jumping into action.

Cockroaches and rodents are the two biggest pests commonly found in the Rochester area, but our crew is equipped to handle anything and everything that comes our way. The typical inspection process scans through potentially accessible areas such as:

  • Entry points
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Outdoor HVAC units
  • Exposed wiring and plumbing

We may also assess habitat zones such as kitchens, basements, and attics for any additional signs of a pest presence.

Once we catch the signs and symptoms of pest activity, Precision Pest Management can begin applying treatments to the home! We use both interior and exterior products to get rid of pests fast, implementing all solutions with a healthy dose of Integrated Pest Management. You can expect to see our technicians applying products near:

  • Fence lines
  • Home foundations
  • Conducive conditions
  • Interior baseboards

We may also implement gel baits and monitoring stations to ensure total protection from serious pests.

For additional information about our residential pest control process, please call Precision Pest Management today.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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Residential pest control from Precision Pest Management starts with a carefully curated inspection by our technicians to identify any active species and locate potential problem zones.

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Next, we will begin treatment by applying products to infested zones. It's very important to us that clients are aware of the different treatments we offer and any customization requests.

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Follow Up

We understand that pests are constantly on the move here in Rochester, which is why we offer follow-up services that take place after our initial treatment. If pests come back, we'll re-treat free!

Specialized Residential Pest Control

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Although Precision Pest Management is best known for high-quality residential pest control, we also provide specialized management for frequent pests in the area. These services generally include:

  • Rodent Control
  • Termite Control Coming Soon
  • Mosquito Control Coming Soon

Call us today to learn more about our specialized residential pest control or commercial pest control options.

Hit The Target Every Time With Precision Pest Management

Despite the many pest control options available in New York, homeowners in Rochester consistently choose Precision Pest Management to care for their homes, pets, and families. Our careful attention to detail, coupled with a strong dedication to quality, lets us do more than any of our competition. Once you've witnessed our team at work, it's no surprise that we come highly recommended!

See Precision Pest Management in action when you book an initial service visit for your Rochester home. Simply select a time that works for you, then get in contact with one of our attentive technicians. Total residential pest control is just minutes away!

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